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Your Calgary stucco repair specialist answers your questions

At Randolph Stucco, we believe in keeping our clients informed throughout the entire stucco repair process from free estimate through cleanup. Here are some of our prospective clients’ frequently asked questions. Don’t see the information that fits your particular stucco repair needs? Please call us 7 days a week.


How long will it take to complete my stucco repairs?

Depending on the severity of the problems, repairs can be done in under 1 day but may take several days if a large area must be fixed or if water penetration has occurred.


How much will it cost?

The cost of each job will depend on the size and severity of the damage to your stucco and the entire building foundation or envelope (walls, etc.). We always have FREE estimates available and we only do them in person so both parties can be assured of accuracy.


Who does the work?

Randy, the owner of Randolph Stucco, personally works on all jobs to ensure the work is done to your satisfaction, with complete pre-work and post-work inspections done with the property owner or manager.


Are you insured for liability for property damage and workers’ compensation purposes?

Yes, Randolph Stucco Repairs is fully insured for liability purposes, which has never been utilized due to the great care and attention taken by Randy and his team. We also cover our staff fully for Workers Compensation purposes.


Why is Randolph Stucco the best company to hire for stucco repair work in and around Calgary?

Randolph Stucco works ONLY on stucco repairs and thus has the most expertise and experience, we don’t do repair work on stucco as a sideline so we know best how to effectively and cost-efficiently fix your stucco. We are the choice for stucco repair.

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