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Preserve your property with Calgary’s stucco repair specialist

Water penetration, impact damage or building settlement all can cause problems with your stucco that need repairs sooner than later. More than a cosmetic process, stucco repairs keep your home or business better insulated and damp resistant.


Randolph Stucco exclusively repairs exterior stucco of all types. Conventional or acrylic, you want your stucco surfaces free of cracks, bulges or crumbling, and we are the reliable stucco contractor to handle all of your repair needs, including:

  • residential and commercial

  • exterior stucco

  • foam stucco installation

  • stucco renovation

  • stucco removal

  • texture & colour matching

  • stucco painting (by professional referral only)

Fully insured & licensed stucco repair contractors

Fully insured and licensed, Randolph Stucco serves homeowners, property managers, building contractors and business owners. With close to 30 years of experience in providing stucco repair in Calgary, owner Randy oversees every project with a commitment to safety and craftsmanship.


Proud of our referrals from our satisfied customers, Randolph Stucco welcomes you as a new client. Call us 7 days a week for a consultation and free estimate for your stucco repairs. We have the knowledge and experience to properly solve all types of stucco problems, using the most reliable materials.

Close to 30 years experience repairing stucco.
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